The value of translation services in the world today

    Did you know that that there are a mind-boggling 7097 languages spoken in our world today? However, just 23 of those languages account for over half of the world’s population. Translation services are needed in so many vital areas of our lives. These services often take place behind the scenes. We don’t realise how much we read online, watch on TV, what books we buy, or what contracts we have used that have been translated before they have reached our hands. The largest users of translation services are:

    Corporate – Companies are becoming increasingly globalised and are doing business in several countries in which they do not speak the local language(s). This mainly involves legal, financial and business translation services which are provided by specialised translators and agencies.

    Media – Translation services increases viewership and readership enormously for TV, online media and press. A niche market served by specialised translators.

    Literature – Just as for the media industry, translation services extend readerships into whole new countries where they would otherwise not be able to read the untranslated book. The most translated book is the New Testament of the Bible which has been translated into an impressive 1500 languages. The second is Le Petit Prince, this French book has been translated into 300 languages! Many translators specialise only in the translation of literature and spend their whole lives translating fiction and nonfiction books and novels for us to read.

    Education – Universities are increasingly providing their curriculums to foreign students. From university applications to their final theses, students studying at foreign universities often translate their submissions into the university’s language after writing it in their native language. As the fields within universities vary so widely, translators can be found that specialise in each subject.

    Immigration – Almost every country has experienced a swell in foreign language speakers that intend to settle, live, work, study and play in their local language(s). These people must translate their personal birth and other family certificates, their CVs, cover letters and more before even applying for their immigration. This requires trained legal translators and often notaries in order to legalise (certify) their documents.

    At Global Language Team we understand the value of our translation services for your business or personal purposes. We are widely experienced in all five of the above major translation service areas and we have specialised translators for any material and in any language. Get in touch with us today so that we can help your business reach a wider audience.

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