Behind the Scenes: How your project will be handled

Navigating the language services industry can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to finding a trustworthy agency for your project. At Global Language Team, we understand the confusion and the importance of selecting the right translator. That’s why we have developed a transparent project process to simplify your experience:

  1. Enquiry and Analysis: Once we receive your enquiry, including your documents and requirements, a dedicated Project Manager (PM) will promptly analyze them. The PM will carefully select the best translator(s) based on your language pair, subject area, word count, and deadline. You will then receive a detailed quotation.
  2. Review and Confirmation: Take your time to review the quotation/invoice and deadline provided. Once you are satisfied, give the final go-ahead to your PM and make the agreed payment.
  3. Commencement of Work: Once the necessary steps are completed, your assigned translator will begin working on your project.
  4. Project Monitoring: Throughout the process, your PM will closely monitor the project. Our translations are done online and securely saved in cloud servers, ensuring the safety of your content.
  5. Regular Updates and Milestone Deliveries: You have the flexibility to check in at any time and receive updates on the progress of your translation. For larger projects, you can request sample or milestone deliveries to ensure alignment with your expectations.
  6. Finalization and Submission: After completion, your translation will undergo proofreading and finalization by our team. Your PM will then deliver the finalized translation to you via email before the agreed-upon deadline.
  7. Review and Feedback: Upon receiving the translation, we encourage you to review it thoroughly and confirm that it meets your needs. We value your feedback and welcome any suggestions for improvement.

We believe that clear communication and transparency are essential throughout our project relationship. Feel free to provide specific and detailed information about your expectations and any special requirements you may have for each project, as we understand that every project is unique.

We hope this outline of our project process provides clarity and reassurance. Rest assured that we are committed to open and effective communication at every stage.

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