Behind the Scenes: The right translator: How your project will be handled

    If you are not familiar with the language services industry, it can be stressful trying to figure out how it all works just to place your project with an agency that you can trust. At Global Language Team we know how confusing it is and how it important it is to use the right translator, therefore, we use the following transparent project process:

    1. Once we have received your enquiry, including your documents and requirements, a Project Manager (PM) will analyse them immediately and allocate the best Translator(s) that match your language pair, subject area and word count for your deadline and send you a quotation.
    2. You then review your quotation/ invoice and deadline, before giving the final go-ahead to your PM, with your agreed payment.
    3. Your Translator will start work once this is completed.
    4. Your PM will continue to monitor the project, which will be translated online and saved within secure cloud servers, so that nothing can be lost!
    5. You are able to check in at any time and get updates on where we are with your translation, and obtain a sample or milestone delivery, as you need (for large projects).
    6. Your translation will be completed and proofread, then finalised and submitted to you by your PM, via email, prior to your agreed deadline.
    7. Once you have received your translation please review it and confirm it meets your needs and provide us with any feedback.

    We hope that this process outline is useful in clarifying the various stages of our project relationship. We feel that it is important to be open and to communicate clearly about each stage in the project process. We encourage specific and detailed information regarding your expectations and any special requirements that you may have for any or every project, they are all different!

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