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Read about the language services industry and how we can help you reach a wider market through translation, editing and localisation and other language services.

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Translation and Post-Editing

We have 12 years of experience in the translation industry.

We are able to help with certified translations, rush translations, back translations, transcreation and machine translation post-editing (MTPE).

We can offer native translators in almost any language; however, our most common working languages are:

French, English, Dutch, Swedish, Spanish, Hebrew, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Afrikaans, Zulu, Swahili, and Arabic.

We can offer linguists in most African, Asian, European and Middle Eastern languages ready to tackle small, large or technical projects.

We have wide experience in government, medical, business, legal, financial, technical, IT and engineering subject areas.

However, we also have wide experience in the translation of books, games, press releases and marketing material.


Proofreading/ Editing

Refining, perfecting, summarising or rewriting your documents.

We can help in any language and in any subject, with 20 years of proofreading and editing experience, in virtually every subject area.


Copywriting to your brief for the purposes of SEO, content development, blogging, course writing, product descriptions, or any other purpose you may require. We have 5 years of copywriting experience.



Specialised editing of language material into any locale, anywhere in the world, for companies that have, or are developing, an international presence.

Here we would use one or more local language experts in each target language locale to ensure that any local clients will feel at home with your text. Whether it be marketing, medical, legal or technical we can help in this area with 10 years’ localisation experience.

Audio Transcription

We have large teams of highly experienced transcribers in a wide variety of languages.

Should we not have your language team ready, allow us to source for you, we are experts at finding and building the team that you need.

We have built and managed massive transcription projects, where we have recruited and recorded hundreds of hours of audio, which we then transcribed. Our teams have grown up to 300 transcribers, with up to 10 different languages.

We have very large English, French, Swedish, Swahili, Vietnamese, Hebrew, and Zulu teams that have collectively transcribed thousands of hours of audio.

 This has included call centre, general conversation, and medical transcription.

Placing your project with us

We offer Translation, Copywriting, Editing, Proofreading, Localisation & Transcription Services

At Global Language Team, we are eagerly waiting to handle your next language project.

Simply email us with your document(s) and your deadline(s), and we will reply with a quotation within an hour!

No matter what language, subject or word count you need, we ensure great quality, at great rates, friendly project managers and highly skilled linguists working on your task(s).

Our combined experience is ideal to meet your language project needs.

Whether your project is personal, corporate, creative or confidential, we have the skills, experience and linguists to get your job done.

On time, on budget and at high quality.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Request a Quote Here

Request a Quote Here

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    Our Clients

    We have had the pleasure of working with some of the most prestigious clients.

    Our Projects

    Medical Material: We translate large volumes of medical data relating to everything from Covid 19, doctor's visits, specialist consultations, medical reports, blood tests, imaging reports, instrumentation manuals, equipment and machine manuals, and more.

    Technical Manuals, Tenders, Specifications, and more: We have successfully translated large volumes of technical data, in all engineering disciplines for private companies, government organisations and large corporates internationally.

    Copywriting and Copy Editing: We produce and correct large volumes of content creation to client briefs (product descriptions, crypto currency course blogs, international property, foodie and travel sites etc.). In addition to this, we are also able to localise text to a particular locale, correct second language English and re-write texts for a particular purpose.

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